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Our winemaking style is hands on, using traditional techniques with minimal handling. We open ferment in small batches keeping every vineyard and grower separate, which continues through the oak maturation. We use the traditional and gentle basket presses to extract the juice from the skins and our wines are not fined or filtered prior to bottle - just pure Barossa wine! Our goal is very simple - to preserve the essence of the regions vineyards and capture them in each Soul Growers wine.

Barrel Maturation

Barrel Maturation

We use large amount of 1-4 year old oak which is predominantly French with a small portion of new oak for most of our wines. We allow most of our wine to mature for up to two years to fully integrate with the oak and bring out the best of the vintage. This important stage prior to blending allows each vineyard to be kept separate and for us to fully realize the individual expression of each individual site. It also allows the grower to see how their fruit has transformed into a wine and work towards the very best fruit each year.

Wine Blending


Blending is one of the great joys of winemaking as well as one of the most tedious. Each barrel is tasted through the maturation process several times but when it comes to blending the art is finding the best wine that suits the style and flavour profile we are looking for in our final blend. In 2008 we tasted through 58 individual barrels to find the best barrels for each wine with each winemaker having a hand in developing the blends. Many options are considered then reworked and then reconsidered again culminating into our finished wines. We have fun as well!

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